April 18th, 2009


Auto Show Results

Kitty and I spent a few very productive hours at the ABQ Auto Show. I must say that the vehicles that most impressed me were the Ford Escape and the Ford Flex. The Escape was just a little smaller than my Explorer but would probably fulfill its requested duties just fine. It was a lot cheaper than the Explorer as well. They had a hybrid model on display that I would totally consider. 45 mpg?!? Oh hells yeah! The Flex is just a damn sexy vehicle. I was completely sold on it although I would definitely want a test drive. It's major drawback was lack of clearance which would make camping an iffy prospect. The Transit Connect was an ok vehicle but a little too utilitarian. I like a little luxury which it just didn't offer.

Ford is in competition with Honda as to which way I might jump. The Element is a neat vehicle that would suit my needs. I could see myself driving that.

I was not all that impressed with Nissan, but would give a second look to an Xterra. I had always thought the Murano was a sexy vehicle, but at $40K I nearly gagged.

Toyota was a huge disappointment. I hopped into a 4Runner and hit my head. I have never seen an SUV with such shitty headroom! Their FJ Cruiser was not all that bad. It might be worth a 2nd look although the gas mileage was pretty shitty.

So that's where I stand right now. I'll continue to do my research and weigh the pros and cons. It seems that all of the SUV's are pretty much the same. I'm not willing to pay $40K for something that has gas mileage below 20MPG. The choices out there are certainly dizzying!