April 20th, 2009


How Times Have Changed

A thought popped into my noggin the other day. When I first joined the fandom 6 years ago, one of my biggest concerns in becoming a fursuiter was how I would be viewed since I didn't make my own suit. Even worse was that I bought my suit "off-the-rack." Would I be viewed as "less of a suiter" since I didn't sweat over a sewing machine for weeks or months nor burn my fingers with hot glue? It seems that no one gives a damn any more about that. That's a very good thing in my book. The only thing that could be considered a negative is that there are so many great and talented makers that even if you DO sweat over a sewing machine and burn your fingers to produce your own suit, if your suit is not murriliciously sexy you will be shunned for wearing such a crummy suit. Quite the reversal of fortunes for such a short period of time.

Oh, and my little old off-the-rack suit is still in great shape after 6 years, gets performed in on a regular basis, and is highly appreciated by mundanes.