April 21st, 2009


"Breaking Bad"

I know I have posted this before, but doG I love the dvd revolution! I love how we get our media is constantly changing and evolving with YouTube and Hulu and all of the other ways entertainment goes from a source to our homes (or offices or wherever). Gone are the bad old days where you had to schedule your life around a favorite t.v. show. And then you had to sit through all of those lame f*&%ing commercials! Then came VCRs! Miracle of miracles! You could set a recorder and tape a show! Then came the DVR! But what if you missed a season of a show?!? There's On Demand! And Netflix! And Netflix on Demand! Where will this all go?!?

I just love the fact that if word-of-mouth spreads that a show is awesome, you can now pick it up and get caught up to where you can start watching it regularly. I know we had to rent 2 seasons of "Lost" to get caught up to where we could understand what the hell was going on. NBC put up early episodes of "Heroes" so you could figure out who was who in the 1st season. Unfortunately they then went down the road of suck. I haven't been back.

Currently my favorite show is "Breaking Bad." It started off as a curiosity since it's filmed locally in ABQ. The plot has been slow going, but it's constantly building. I loved the last episode that I watched since there were shots inside of the laundromat where I take my fursuits to be washed over lunch hours and outside of a restaurant where Kitty and I frequently go for lunch. The hotel portrayed as the place to get drugs and/or whores is just a few blocks from my office (and probably not too far off from the truth.) I would say that I have a bias towards the series just because of the location shooting, but that's not all together true. They filmed the series "Crash" locally, and I gave up on that dog about midway into the first season.

During lunch hours I have been watching the CBS series "Jericho." It's the story about how a small Kansas town survives after a nuclear terrorist attack on the U.S. It only lasted one season and rightfully so. It grew a rabid fanbase, however, and they brought it back for a partial 2nd season to tie up the cliffhangers produced at the end of season 1. The show is like a car wreck. It's horrible, but I can't stop watching it. Oh well. Only one episode to go.

So what other gems are out there that I should be watching? I finished "The Sopranos" after several months. I have not tried "Six Feet Under." I should get the second season of "Dexter" but I'm hoping Netflix will move it to On Demand like the 1st season.