April 27th, 2009


Pink Floyd Would Be Proud

The great yard wall project is complete! It's amazing what you can get done when you put your mind to something and you have great friends to help you out. I did the prep work on Friday evening and Saturday morning. I planned out the final location and ran a level line. xeltifon showed up and started laying the base layer. I figured once he got that done, the rest of the wall would get put up in short order. I was right! He did meticulous work in getting the first tier nice and level. After that it was just a matter of stacking blocks. Soon we were off to Lowes to get the remaining bricks. I realized that since we were staggering the tiers, we would be needing some half bricks. I remembered that scritchwuff did a bunch of brick work last year. Perhaps he had a saw. A quick call confirmed that he had indeed bought a masonry saw. An hour later he showed up with the saw and his brother. An hour after that we were completely finished with the wall! It looks great! Pics tomorrow.

The next step was leveling out the dirt and building it up to the proper level. A quick calculation showed that I would need about 50 cu.ft. of soil. Off to Lowes! The biggest bags they had were 3 cu.ft. Damnit. I bought 8 of those and carted them home. I figured I could mix in some native soil to fill in rest. Easier said than done! Hauling buckets of sand from the edge of the mesa into the yard was friggin' exhausting! I called it quits when the bucket's handle broke. Back to Lowes! I bought another 20 cu.ft. of topsoil. Back to the garden! Kitty and I dumped out the remaining backs and leveled it all out. It actually looked really good! We could add another 10-20 cu.ft. in the future, but for now we'll call it good. It was then full steam ahead to get the garden planted. Off to Walmart! They actually had a really good selection of vegetable plants. Soon we were back home getting everything planted.

Here's what the FurCentral vegetable garden contains:
9 tomato plants
Peppers: 4 green chile, 4 jalapeno, 4 serano, 4 sweet bell
2 mounds of zucchini (seeds)
2 mounds of watermelon (seeds)
1 mound of cucumber (seeds)
4 eggplant

We then watered and installed the Mesa-proof fence. Now we just sit back, water, and pray that critters (including Mesa) will let the garden grow.

If you start to calculate how much this whole project cost, it would be much cheaper to go to an organic market and buy top-of-the-line produce. There's just this wonderful primeval urge to grow your own food! I can totally get into this nurturing vibe. I guess that's why I do it! So now prepare for updates every so often. If all goes to plan (and it never does) we will have lots of tasty veggies in a few months.