May 5th, 2009


Car Shopping - Round 3

I went to check out that Eddie Bauer Explorer last night. It was a very nice ride and I had my checkbook ready to buy it on the spot. Unfortunately the dealer wanted to play games, and so I picked up my fat stack of cash and walked out the door. Oh! It felt so good to have so much power!

I have been doing all sorts of mental calculations on what this vehicle should be worth. I had a price in my head that I would not go above. When the dealer came back with a firm offer of my price + $1000, I just laughed, got up, and left. I think that surprised Kitty that I was so willing to just walk out. I knew the dealer was playing games when she came in with her 1st offer which was sticker minus $5000. Ummmm. We talked about INVOICE minus $6000. Oh. She came back with a counter offer that was a few hundred less but still nowhere near my bottom line. So that was that. Overall we're not all that far off. I had failed to consider a few options that were included, but then again I am a white boy and could give a shit about $600 for special rims. They weren't even spinners! ;oP There was some other option that brought the price up to $1000 more than I had calculated, so as I said, we were just about at the same price. I think the major sticking point is that I was basing calculations on the 2009 price and this was a 2008. She really needed to take that into consideration which she didn't. I was already figuring in a depreciation. *shrugs* I have already made inquiries to the Honda and Toyota dealers. I have no brand loyalty. I really have no preference. I am just looking for the most bang for the buck. I have cash in paw, so if someone is serious about selling a good product at a reasonable cost, I'll be ready to help stimulate the economy.