May 19th, 2009


Happy Mesa Found Day!

2 years ago today I followed a bark and found a puppy. 2 years ago today a puppy followed me and found a home. Mesa has been a wonderful dog. I looked back at the post I made 2 years ago and saw that he charmed the pants off of us from day one. We knew right away that if nobody claimed him, he would be ours. We figured that he was more Rhodesian Ridgeback as opposed to lab. His personality certainly matches the descriptions we found online. I took the advice I had found to heart and have raised him with lots of lots and gentle but firm discipline. I didn't want to make the same mistakes I did with Anubis. After he went through his distructo-puppy phase, he settled down to a wonderful companion. He's definitely more needy than Anubis, but he's also much more loyal (not that Anubis wasn't loyal.) Every day when I get home, he plasters himself against my leg and demands pets. When I sit on the patio enjoying a drink, he's there with his head on my lap demanding pets. When we invite him up on the bed in the morning, he shoves his nose under our hands demanding pets. When I say the word "walkies" he works himself into a bouncing and spinning frenzy. He runs up the mesa like a dog possessed looking for bunnies and other rodents. He digs like a badger when he picks up the scent of a gopher. All-in-all he's a great dog. So here's to 2 years of happiness and to many more years ahead.

I took this picture yesterday at the exact spot I found him. He was actually on the lower mattress, but I couldn't get him to sit on that one. Yup. Those mattresses have been sitting up there for 2 years as well.

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Bear on a Bike '09

2 posts in a day?!? Yeah. This one is mainly for my own records. Every year I post about the first time I ride my bike to the office just so I can keep track year to year as to when that was. Last year it was April 29 and the year before it was May 15, so I'm right in the ballpark. I usually do it 2 times a week, but I think I'll push for 3 times this year. I have about 20-30 pounds I would love to drop. I also want to make my heart nice and happy. It sucks getting old and worrying about shit like heart attacks. Fuck that!