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Bear Droppings
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Monday, June 1st, 2009

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Bad Taste?
OK. As everyone is probably aware since LJ has been abuzz with the news for days, a fur was busted for inappropriate contact with a minor (contact as in Internet contact). It seems that nerves are a bit frayed as to where this could possibly lead. The whole topic of pedos in the fandom is becoming a very sensitive topic. My opinion is that I could pretty much care less. On the one paw I think that this type of behavior has to be squashed immediately. On the other paw I think a lot of the issue is blurred by rampant paranoia and people are going waaaaay too far in "protecting the children."

Now. I was going to keep this a secret until AC, but I figure I might as well let the cat bear out of the bag. A few months back someone pointed me to eBay where a cheap Chinese mascot company had actually made a Pedobear fursuit. I was almost challenged to buy it. Well, I did. I was going to work up a few schticks including walking around with a "Follow me for free candy" sign or walking around carrying a copy of Nabakov's "Lolita." And now all of this furrypanda shit has hit the fan. So what do you think? Would this be topical humor or would it be making plane crash jokes after 9/11?

Poll #1409436 Bad Taste?

Should I wear Pedobear at AC?

Epic lulz! Hells yeah!
No! The timing is all wrong!
Who or what the hell is Pedobear?!?
Willy hears ya. Willy doesn't care.

"I was a bit concerned booking my flight to New York City when I saw that the itinerary showed a stop at the Empire State Building." ---Gilbert Godfrey

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