June 9th, 2009


Dogs and Cats! Living Together! Mass Hysteria!

Mesa does this thing that I call "bounce/spin." Whenever I say, "Walkies?" he jumps about 3' vertically and twists his body so that he spins in mid-air. He just gets so excited! This can be dangerous as well since I have ended up with 80 pounds of dog flying wildly towards my crotch. I told Kitty that I would have to try to photograph his leaping abilities one day. Yesterday, Kitty was playing ball with him and he was doing some nice jumps. I decided to get out the camera and capture a few shots.
Flying dog!

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Sometime during the game of catch, Skookum wandered into the yard. Mesa decided to play with the cat instead of the tennis ball.

Probably the most hysterical pose I could capture.

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