June 16th, 2009



It's the lunch break at the workshop I'm attending in Denver. So far so good. Let's see if I can survive the "2 o'clock doldrums," as I call it, where it gets almost impossible to keep my eyes open. I just paid a visit to the USGS map store which is in this building. They have a lot of cool stuff there! It's also a furry's dream in that they have plushies everywhere! If you name the species, they probably have it. Of course I was more interested in the map stuff, but unfortunately it's mainly geared towards Colorado (well, duh!). This building also has a lot of cool historical displays. At least I have something to do/look at during the breaks.

I had a nice dinner with anya_silverfur and sphinxbait last night. We hit up Old Chicago near my hotel for tasty food and beer.

Oh well. The presentations are starting again. Later!