June 17th, 2009


Quick Update While on Break

Today's the last day of the workshop. So far it has been pretty good. I have visions of crunching lots of numbers when I get back to the office and putting together a nice comprehensive database.

Last night was another great time hooking up with friends I normally don't have a chance to just sit and chat with. I had a nice dinner with nevermint at a local Mexican place near my hotel. Mighty tasty food and margaritas! We then met up with tigergaiason, david_tigerific and roommates who arrived a bit later.

Hopefully I'll be back in ABQ before 10 tonight. Rats. Meeting starting up again.

OMG Furries!

I'm sitting here at the Rock Bottom Brewpub in DIA. My flight is still 2 hours away (and delayed! Grrrr! *poof*) I decided to just sit back and get nicely buzzed on tasty brew while waiting for my plane.

My laptop wallpaper is the group fursuit pic taken at FC '08. My waitress walked by and freaked out! She thought it was the cutest thing EVAR! She was calling all of her co-workers over to take a look. Just a minute ago I was reading timduru's post which had pics from a French furmeet. Once again the waitress walked by and freaked out. I told her all about Rocky Mountain Furcon, and she was fascinated. Looks like we gained another fan!