June 22nd, 2009


Albu-FUR-que VII - report

It certainly was an off-the-hook weekend! Albu-FUR-que VII was a huge hit! We finally broke the 50 attendee mark (plus 3 dogs). The house was able to contain all of the furry goodness (barely) and I think everyone had a great time. There were also several non-furs in attendance, but I think we had converts by the end of the night. I lost track of how many fursuit virgins I claimed by the end of the festivities. Let's just say that if you wanted to try on a fursuit, you were quickly whisked away to the fursuit room and thrown into some sort of critter.

I spent a good deal of time slaving in front of a hot, smokey grill, but everyone seemed happy stuffing their muzzles with burgers and dogs, so I didn't mind. I did manage to hop into Pedobear for some hilarious photo ops. Soon there were suiters all over the back yard! I think we had at least 10 at one point. Much fun was had!

Since the solstice occurred during the party, I did the Pagan thing and danced naked at exactly 11:34p. *lol* Hopefully no pics were taken.

Now the debate starts as to whether or not we should move the whole party to a hotel. While it would save our home, it might be more work in the long run. We'll have to think about it.

We did attract out-of-state furs which was a wonderful thing. We had representatives from Utah, Colorado, and Texas. Perhaps this thing is turning into a con on its own!

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