June 24th, 2009


Pre-AC plans

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Kitty and I will be rolling into Pittsburgh on Amtrak early on Wednesday morning. REALLY early, like 5 am early. Our plan for the day was to hit up some of the tourist places during the day like the Warhol Museum, the incline railways, and Point State Park. BTW, local Pittsburgers, is the park open or is it still being renovated? Can one get to the river confluence? We plan on doing touristy things on Thursday as well. Any other suggestions?

Another idea which I floated to Kitty was to go see a Pirates game. They play the Cubs on Wednesday night and have a make-up game with the Mets on Thursday afternoon. Anybody interested in seeing a game?

I hope to do a little trainspotting with swift_fox and some of the other Rails-n-Tails folks. I think that was scheduled for Friday.

As far as big dinners are concerned, I would like to get a group together at someplace like Buca for Wed or Thur night. Trying to get a group into one of the local restaurants during the con will be a MAJOR hassle. The Outback at the ballpark is another option. Furries hate to walk more than a few blocks, so the place was empty when we did it a few years ago. Of course it would be good to do that on a non-baseball night which is the entire weekend.

Does anyone know when and where the fireworks show will be on Saturday? I would definitely love to be up on the roof for that!

Anyone else have any awesome plans where you wouldn't mind a bear and kitty tagging along? This con is more about the people and doing fun stuff than the con itself. It can just get sooooo overwhelming.

Also, for the foodies on my list, what was the name of the place that was featured on the Food Network where they serve HUGE sandwiches? It was somewhere in the Golden Triangle and I know some furs went there a couple of years ago. I'm looking at you, linnaeus and duncandahusky.