June 25th, 2009


Garden Update

It's amazing what a little warm weather will do to a garden! I went out to do my nightly watering/weed check last night and was pleasantly surprised to see that the harvest may begin within a week or so. Here's the latest update complete with pics (although I took the pics only a few days ago, the plants are already bigger!)

The jalapeno peppers all bit the dust. I be sad.
The serrano peppers, however, are doing splendidly and have peppers forming all over. xeltifon may have to harvest some while we're away at AC
The green chile is also doing well. Some peppers might be ready in a week or so.
The green bells are doing o.k. I noticed a lot of buds ready to flower.
The eggplant is really starting to take off. Even the one I gave up for dead over a month ago has recovered. No flowers yet.
The tomatoes are doing well. I put baskets around most of them and have been training them to grow upwards. Most have started to flower.
The zucchini is starting to go bat-shit crazy. I noticed a flower last night. Hopefully they will hold off until I get back to the con. I know they can go from nice-sized to Thor-sized in a couple of days.
The watermelon is also starting to send out vines with potential buds. I should have watermelon Cthulu by the time we return.
The cantaloupe is struggling to get by. It's really not growing well at all. Hopefully with a little love I can get it to grow better.
The cucumbers are pretty much the same story. The first batch of seedlings got nom'd by something so I had to replant. The 2nd batch has just started to sprout.
Green beans were a last minute addition because it looked like I had some room. So far they're doing fine, some better than others.

Here are the pics:

Beans along the left edge, tomatoes in the cages, bell peppers on the right, eggplant and chiles toward the back.

Watermelon on the left and zucchini on the right. As I had mentioned they have probably increased in size by 10-20% in the few days since the pic was taken. The cantaloupe is just above the watermelon so you can see that it's REALLY struggling.