July 6th, 2009


Where Did That Weekend Go?!?

We're on the westbound Capitol Limited just outside of South Bend, IN heading for Chicago. We'll be hopping on the Southwest Chief around 3 and hopefully arriving back in ABQ tomorrow around 4. It's hard to believe that just 9 hours ago we were chilling in the Cub Pub/Hub with Scritch and Fox Cub. It seemed that Opening Ceremonies was just a day ago, but the sad reality is that the entire con is now over and done with for another year. *shrugs* There will be more cons, I know. I'm just getting that pseudo-PCD that I somehow wasted an entire weekend because I didn't seem to do enough furry things. I just have to stop and think about all of the good stuff that DID happen to realize that my PCD is really bullshit.

I DID manage to suit as Quewe yesterday. Since I wanted to be an attention whore, I timed it so that I would be outside of the ballroom just before Closing Ceremonies. It worked! I was able to impress a lot of people. I hope somebody got some video of be chasing the "bloop-bloop" aliens down the hallway. I want to see how my bear gallop looked. *lol*

We had an awesome dinner at the Church brewpub. Turning an old church into a brewery is shear genius! I will happily worship at that alter any day!

Convention Center roof + booze + pizza + good friends + fireworks = ULTIMATE WIN!!!
Getting more people to use the phrase "tard furs" to describe a good portion of the fandom with zero social skills
Guerrilla fursuiting!
Big night out at Buca
Passing out free candy dressed as Pedobear along with his good friends Princess Lolli and PedoPanda.

Until next year!