July 9th, 2009


A Few AC Pics

I went through the photos I shot at AC and picked out a few that capture the best moments of the con. I think this first one sums up that nothing is sacred, I will push the boundaries at every opportunity, and retarded fun is the best kind.

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OK. I should be through with talking about AC. I might post some pics of Pittsburgh or Chicago, but no more shall be said of the con. I hate being so vain, but if anyone knows of any shots of Quewe that were taken on Sunday, let me know. I have to keep working on my stance and movement so any shots help me know what works and what doesn't.

Just Call Me Ed Gruberman

I had a funny experience riding my bike into work this morning. I was about 8 blocks from work and I noticed this woman in a jogging outfit laying on top of a brick wall. I sort of did a "WTF?!?" as I rode passed. I then noticed she had 2 little dogs with her. They immediately start yipping their little heads off. I then notice that they are not on leashes and come tearing after me. Now we're talking little yippy dogs that are probably just a little bigger than my cat. I speed up a little bit but one starts gaining on me and nipping at my heel. I go "Boot to the head!" and reach back with my right foot. It catches the dog squarely in the muzzle. All I saw as I looked back was a small pile of fur tumbling down the street. I LOL'd.