July 12th, 2009


AC-related Story

Here's a little tale of what happened aboard the Southwest Chief last Tuesday as we enjoyed lunch somewhere in northern New Mexico. Since they need to fill as many spaces as possible in the dining car, it is standard procedure to seat random people together to make a table of 4. This is actually one of the joys of train travel since you get to meet new people. Usually we have good luck and are seated with interesting people. The couple we were paired with turned out to be one of the best we have experienced. It began with the usual introduction:
Us: So, where are you coming from?
Them: Pittsburgh!
Us: Oh! Business or pleasure?
Them: We attended a convention.
Us: *blinks* Ummm...Let me guess...Mensa?
Them: *blinks* Yes! How did you know?
Us: *grins* Oh, we were at the OTHER convention!
Them: *smiles* Oh! You're furries!

I guess my Confurence '03 shirt also gave that away. We then had a great conversation about the fandom and their organization, our ties to the sci-fi community on both ends, overall geekyness, and how the convention system works for both groups. The husband was most intrigued with fursuits. He wanted to know the most unusual creatures out there. Manticore, cuddlefish, and purple furry-eater were at the top of the list. He also gave us an idea for a great schtick for a con; a blind dog with a seeing-eye human.