July 13th, 2009


Bear Fair '09

So I come back from a con and what do I do the following weekend? Fursuit! I was asked to appear at Wildlife West for their annual Bear Fair event. I know they really wanted to see Quewe again, but since he was still in transport back from AC, he would not be making an appearance. To make up for the lack of Quewe, we decided to have 3 bear suiters instead. I wore Sabot. xeltifon wore Nevada, and Kitty wore Basalt. It certainly made for some interesting pics since it's so rare to have Sabot and Nevada in the same place! I guess it showed my trust in Xeltifon since I let him wear my favorite suit. Kitty did not have a good time in Basalt and only performed for a few minutes.

Like in previous years we went "back stage" to meet Koshari the real bear. He was fascinated by Nevada. He smacked the plexiglas with his paw as he was checking him out. I don't know if he noticed, but Koshari actually licked Nevada's paw when it was close to the fence. The other highlight was Sabot driving a golf cart through the park. He had stopped for a photo op, but when the park manager hopped in and said, "Drive, Bear!" He obeyed!

Here's a few pics:

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