July 18th, 2009



OK. To tell a little secret, I dropped a few shrooms on the roof of the Convention Center on the 4th of July just before the fireworks. I can't say that they did anything. I didn't notice anything particularly different, and the nice buzz I had going could easily be attributed to beer and champagne. Something happened last night, however, that made me think that I perhaps had a delayed reaction. That, and it was contagious because Kitty also suffered from the same hallucination.

It was a hot evening so I was enjoying the outside air on the patio. Out of nowhere a little storm blew up, and we got a little rain. I went out into the yard to enjoy the few drops hitting my face. Kitty came out and joined me. As we were looking up I noticed light coming through a corner of the roof. I stared at the hole and wondered how the hell it got there. Perhaps a soffit panel blew off in a wind storm. Even Kitty saw it!

This morning I woke up and Kitty reminded me that I needed to go outside and check to see how bad the hole was. I went outside, looked up, and there was no hole! On the one paw I am grateful that there is no expensive house repair in my future, but on the other paw I am still wondering WHAT THE FUCK DID WE SEE LAST NIGHT?!? Was it some sort of optical illusion? Were we looking at something else like a reflection in the window. It WAS dark, but it was just so weird that we were both fooled by the same thing. I'll have to go again tonight to see what were seeing.