August 17th, 2009


Another Quick Weekend

It looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays!
I'm heading to Chachis for some coffee. I think I'm gonna lose it!

Actually it wasn't a bad weekend. I did a little fursuiting on Saturday to help out xyphoidmax who had her company picnic that day. She suited last year and was well received. So she invited more of us to participate. Kitty suited for a little while as well. Ari came along with suit in tow, but he just lost the suiting mojo. The Sun was brutal but I managed to suit for about an hour in Basalt. I still have pics to upload (so it DID happen!).

We saw a couple of really good movies over the weekend thanks to Netflex. My favorite was "American Psycho." OMG! Why haven't people told me about this film?!? Christian Bale plays such an awesome scumbag who summed up the 80's "greed is good" mantra to a T. Is it a slasher movie or just a huge mindfuck? You decide! It reminded me of how I felt after seeing "Fight Club." Another good watch was "Lucky Number Slevin." I love well-planned revenge flicks. Everything falls into place in the end and the bad guys get what's coming to them. Very nice. We also watched "Barnyard" which was kinda cute in a furry kind of way. *shrugs* It had its moments.