August 31st, 2009


My Very First Non-Furry Con

Saturday Kitty and I hit Bubonicon the local sci-fi con here in ABQ. Where as a lot of furry cons are just hitting their 10th year, this con has been going on for 41 years. Granted, the 1st con had about 20 attendees, but it's pretty impressive to have a con survive for so long. Going to this con was part of my continuing effort to cross-pollinate the various geek communities. I was delighted to hear "Oh! I didn't know there was a furry community in ABQ! Cool!" Overall we were well received. scritchwuff, Kitty, and myself were the only suiters. It was nice to be appreciated at a con for being a fursuiter. Since the con was "family friendly" there was a chance to interact with kids as well. Overall it was a positive experience.

We also threw a room party. It was a huge success, but I ended up being paranoid most of the night since the 1st noise complaint came it at 8:30. WTF?!? Lots of people poked their heads in to check things out, but I think they were disappointed when they didn't see a roomful of mascots having sex on the floor.

I was a bit shocked to hear that outside of us and the Star Wars crowd, there were no other parties. That explains why no one knew how to handle us when I kept inquiring about room party policy and such. I then heard there had been drama between the Star Wars crowd and the con board. The board wants to keep the con more of a literary event while the others want a more general sci-fi event. Our presence may stir the pot a little more. Oh noez! Now teh furrehs are invading!

We're debating on whether to do it again next year. We have some fur-friendly folks on staff which is nice. I'd like to work it out where we have an actual con-sanctioned party so we don't have to worry about noise complaints. Maybe I need to get a suite or discuss stuff with the hotel beforehand. I also don't want this to get too complicated. *shrugs* We'll just see what happens. I would definitely love to suit a lot more at the next con.

Here are a few pics:

Nevada trying to make a new friend. He liked the big fluffy bear.

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I was cruising around the "new releases" on Netflix and the movie "Gooby" caught my eye. It looked like it had a fursuiter in it. The synopsis mentioned a boy's teddy bear coming to life. Ooooo! This sounds great! And then I read the reviews. Wow! People HATED it. I found the trailer for it HERE. The body suit is actually quite good! I would love to have a suit like that. The head, however......Wow. Words can't describe how bad it is. Give it a look and see if you don't agree. I am almost tempted to add it to my queue, but it just looks so hideous! Not just the fursuit, but the entire movie! It looks like some direct-to-video P.O.S. I also have a feeling it may have been made by a religious organization (although it did get a PG rating). Oh well. It's my obscure fursuit find of the day.