September 1st, 2009



Here's Sabot's little rant/observation for today.

When I was growing up, if you had a tattoo you were either:
A) a biker
B) an ex-con
C) in the military/were a veteran

Of course nowadays it seems that EVERYBODY has a tattoo. It's the hip and trendy thing to do. On one level I have nothing against body art/ modification. Embracing the concept of furry has made me have more of a respect for people who want to be different and express themselves freely. Watching many reality cooking/fashion shows, however, has started to make me change my stance somewhat. I am not understanding the concept of having large parts of your body completely inked. There is a fine line between self-expression and just plain vulgarity. That's probably not the right word to use, but it was the 1st one that popped into my head. To see a person with a huge spiderweb running up their arm onto their neck just repulses me. Likewise seeing a huge bouquet of flowers erupting between the breast of some well-endowed hoochy mama. The same thing goes for piercings. If you look like Pinhead from "Hellraiser," you crossed a line a little back there. Am I being bigoted or narrow-minded? Perhaps. But if I started wearing a fursuit around 24/7 as a sign of my individuality or my self-expression, I'm sure you would be telling me to "tone it down" or "stop being such a furry tard." So unless you're Maori, tone it down. There's a fine line between hip and disgusting.