September 14th, 2009


"Revolutionary Road"

This was another relax-o-weekend. We didn't do much except watch a bit of Netflix and chill around the house. Oh, there was another epic party on Saturday thrown by thechick and chucklemagne, but that was about it.

One of the flicks we watched was the DiCaprio/Winslet drama in the subject line. I liked it a lot more than Kitty. It was certainly a flawed movie that could have been better, but it touched on a subject that strikes a nerve with someone closing in on his supposed mid-life crisis. It also dealt with a time period that I have become fascinated with, that period from the mid-fifties to mid-sixties where America basked in the glow of its post-WWII victory while fearing the Russians and preparing for the turbulent times of civil rights and Vietnam. Perhaps this is why I love the t.v. series "Mad Men" so much. Everybody appeared to be normal. Everyone wanted that house in the suburbs where there would be cocktail parties and BBQ's with all of the neighbors who had 2 kids just like you. It was "Leave it to Beaver" but there were dark secrets that lurked behind the nylon curtain. Divorce! Abortions! Inter-racial relationships! Homosexuality! SCANDAL! If you were different, you were probably a commie. Shun! What would it be like to be a furry back then? Straightjacket time!

So the movie struck on those same chords that I have been wrestling with over the past few years; the concept of security vs freedom. They had the security of a nice life in the suburbs, but the price they paid was a boring routine life. In the movie Leo celebrates his 30th birthday and realizes that life is passing him by in a job he hates. Just as he is about to leave it all behind, he is offered a promotion which would mean a much comfortable life. Kate wants to leave her boring life as a housewife but finds out that she's pregnant. Does she kill a life just so that she can go and enjoy her's more?

So perhaps I have those seeds planted in my head to just pack up and hit the road. I know I made this comment before because I mentioned the movie "Lost in America" where Albert Brooks sells everything to buy a motorhome to live life like Easy Rider. There is that sense of adventure that I'm missing so that I can sit at my desk for 40 hours a week and bring home a nice paycheck. I don't want to be a furry tard and say "I'll quit my job and just go to furry cons!" But damnit! That idea certainly has its charms! There is that trade off, however, between the pain of paying a mortgage every month and the comfort of coming home every day to a martini and a soft bed.

I hope you enjoy reading the thoughts of a man entering his later years just as I enjoy reading the LJs of those of you just entering college or discovering the "real world" after graduation. Yeah, you'll have all of this to look forward to in about 20 years. It's a day you'll never think will happen, but it will creep up on you. Fuck it. I have this urge to fursuit now. ;oP

6 Underground

I think I have a heck of an ear for music. Yesterday I was watching "Goldfinger" on demand as I did my ironing. They get to the famous scene where Bond finds his latest unf-partner dead on the bed covered in gold paint. I'm listening to the background music and there is a very familiar phrase. Hey! I know that melody! It's "6 Underground" by the Sneaker Pimps! I checked Wikipedia this morning and *ding ding ding!* I was right! They sampled that track from "Goldfinger" to make their 90's hit.