September 16th, 2009


In the NA

One thing I really like is new music. I'm one of those pretentious fucks that likes to say, "I heard about them way before they were cool!" I really like the undiscovered or under-appreciated bands because I think it is they who are keeping it real. I heard some of the names mentioned during the MTV awards the other day and went, "WHO?!?" I don't think I would know a Kanye West song if I heard one, Tequila is something one drinks, and Gaga is something a baby says.

So I usually listen to XM's Alternative Nation to hear what the latest new music is in the alt world. I get tired of the "screaming emo" groups quickly, however, so I'll switch to XMU which is supposed to play the music you might hear on college radio stations. OK. That's cool. Non-pop college radio was one of my favorite things when I was going to school. The groups may become commercial or not. Once again, these are the groups that you would hear live in a bar, not some huge arena. So the other day I switched to The Verge which also plays indie rock. I heard a song that made me stop and go "WTF?!?" It was a really catchy tune but also really weird. It was called "In the NA" by the group The Hidden Cameras. There's an EP out with an album coming out later this month. The video is also quite weird. They kinda remind me of Art of Noise or They Might Be Giants. So I have this song stuck in my head now. Here's the video. The song doesn't start for almost 2 minutes. Enjoy the weirdness, and perhaps tell me what the hell it's all about.