September 17th, 2009


The Media

I will let it be known that I am a media whore. If I ever get contacted by a media outlet asking my take on "furry" is, I will give them my opinion. Of course I will want to know who the person is. When it was a local alternative newspaper, I immediately said, "Sure!" I want to see the fandom get some good press. We seem to have received a lot of negative in the past, so some good press would be nice. The article ended up being quite good. There were a couple of digs here and there, but overall it was positive.

Some would say that we should just ignore the media. Why do we need publicity at all? Well, if you don't tell the story, someone else will in their own uneducated terms. I keep hearing that the original CSI script was much worse than what got aired because some fur spoke up and pointed out glaring inaccuracies. So the show was bad, but it could have been worse. Let's face it. We're a freak show and people are interested in us. Many want to just *lol* at the weirdos, but there are just as many who are fascinated by the whole thing and perhaps get a twinge of excitement when we mention how free we are with our self-expression. That's something that should preserved and promoted in the fandom.

Sometimes the media will sandbag you, however, as was the case with Vanity Fair, MTV, and Anna in Wonderland. They came in looking for a real story and perverted it into something that it wasn't in the name of sensationalism. There's nothing one can really do about that. Now I'm thinking about that reporter from the Harry Potter books (was it Rita Skeeter?".

One of the Big Names in the fandom says that we shouldn't talk to the media at all. Funny, it always seems like he's the one in front of the camera. The reason why we shouldn't talk to the media, he tells us, is because they can distort your words. Only HE should talk to the media. Well, if they can distort my words, couldn't they just as easily distort YOUR words? Granted, we don't want some n000b furry tard mugging for the camera telling the world how he loves to hump his stuffed dog when he's not humping his real dog, but I think there are enough of us furs with some intelligence who can at least try to paint the fandom in a positive light. And I definitely know about being misquoted in the paper. I have had a reporter say that we were going to release 500,000 cubic feet /second from our dam when in fact I had said "500 to a 1,000." Big difference!

I suppose my biggest gripe with Big Name speaking for the fandom is that he totally ignores the more "mature" aspects of the fandom. That's the juicy bits the media is after! So if you constantly tell people that "this is a G-rated fandom" and the media can find terabytes of furry porn with the click of a mouse button, that's only going to get their investigative juices flowing. Ooooo! What are they hiding? Someone is not telling us the whole story! I cringe every time I hear how good and wholesome we are as the cameras pan over the books in the Dealers Den that have "ADULTS ONLY!!!" on them with naughty bits all covered with yellow stickies. Just acknowledge it and move on. Diffuse any controversy before it can arise. So if someone asks about fursuit sex, just roll your eyes and say, "A very small percentage perhaps engage in the practice but it has nothing to do with the fandom. I'm sure you could find some examples easily on the Internet. In fact there are groups not related to the fandom at all who engage in the practice."

So please keep trying to keep a positive spin on the fandom. Be truthful and honest while praising the good and downplaying the bad. It's all about a love for anthropomorphics. That's all! We love it in all ways, shapes, and forms. We also all have different tastes, so what you might find offensive, I might thing is hot and vice versa. It can be G-rated or X-rated. Once again, it's a matter of taste. Whatever I might do, say, or like is not indicative of the fandom as a whole. We're a diverse bunch of freaks and geeks who gain strength from each other in our individuality.