September 21st, 2009


Adventures with Mesa

Mesa had a lot of fun over the weekend up on the mesa. We had 2 wildlife encounters.

On Saturday we were walking along minding our own business when a couple of yoties cut loose with yipping, howling, and barking. I responded with the Scruff E Coyote call of "Yottie-Os!" That just got them all riled up. They sounded very close, but I couldn't see where they were. I decided to walk over toward the sound and see if I could flush them. Immediately they jumped up and started running away. This was Mesa's cue to take off after them. Even I got into the chase to keep the 2nd one occupied so he couldn't sneak up on Mesa as he gave chase to the 1st. He came back about 30 seconds later with his tongue dangling and a very pleased look on his muzzle. He had fun.

The next day we were walking along and he drifted off into the weeds. I noticed that had pounced something. Now he is a gopher dog. He loves sticking his snout into holes to sniff out rodents. If one is detected, he furiously digs. Unfortunately he fails at Whack-a-mole. I have witnessed him furiously digging at one hole while the gopher runs out another hole. This time it actually looked like he caught something. I walked over to see what he had. I was a bit dismayed to find a gopher snake tail writing furiously on the ground. Bad dog! He had been given snake-avoidance training at obedience school. Obviously it was a lesson not learned. Thank doG it wasn't a rattler. And at least the snake lived another day to tell the story, albeit several inches shorter.