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Bear Droppings
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Thursday, October 1st, 2009

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My Name is Otto! And I'm Here to Get Blotto
I had a gig today as Otto Otter. When I first showed up at the locale I was about ready to dump the whole thing. Last year we were in a huge auditorium and I had the performers' "green room" as my headless lounge. This year the water festival was held in a high school gym. The only changing area would have been the boys' locker room. Since the gym was still in use for regular gym classes, I would have had to share the area with high school boys. Pedobear may have approved, but I certainly didn't. I was about to cancel when I proposed moving the Furmobile to an illegal parking spot right outside of the gym. It's not as if I had never used the Furmobile as a changing room before. Once I was given the green light, I parked in a spot between a large dumpster, a wall, and a trailer. It provided me with plenty of privacy, and I could use the vehicle as a nice headless lounge.

Once I was in suit I entertained the kids as they arrived, when they moved between activities, at lunch, and as they left for the day. It was a very fun and receptive crowd! I was also assigned a handler so there was no tail pulling or head slaps. The Marylyn suit had one flaw in that the mesh used for the eyes was pretty coarse. With just the right lighting you could easily see the person in the suit. I remedied the situation by taping my cheap reflective sunglass lenses to the inside. It worked great until I realized that cold outside air + warm breath = condensation. Thankfully the lenses didn't cover the eyes completely so that I essentially had vision through what would be considered the tear ducts.

The kids were pretty well-behaved. I posed for a surprisingly large number of pics. I was constantly being called over at lunch time to interact with the various classes. When everyone was leaving, I was being hugged left and right. Of course I did my routine of standing by the curb as all of the school buses departed. There's nothing quite like hearing "Bye, Otto!" from dozens of kids as the buses pull out. So once again I pulled fursuiting glory from the jaws of defeat when confronted by a less-than-ideal situation. I guess that's what it's all about.

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