October 7th, 2009


The Coyote Mafia

A couple of days ago I took Mesa for his nightly walkies. Of course he beat me over the wall as he charged up the mesa. As I hopped over I noticed a bunny leg lying right over the wall. Now how did THAT get there?!? I hadn't seen Mesa catch anything nor carry random body parts in his muzzle (although he has been known to have done that). Could it have been Skookum? She does like to hunt, but taking out a full grown bunny is a bit much for even her. Besides, she would be more likely to bring the whole bunny back to the patio to offer us a present. She's not the type to just rip off a leg. I concluded that either Mesa has a secret coyote admirer and he/she is bringing him a gift or Mesa has crossed the Coyote Mafia and they are sending him a message. If that's the case, it's an offer he had better not refuse!