October 14th, 2009


Yellowstone Con

We have been talking about this for some time now. This is not meant as a "give me an answer NOW" post, but rather this is the placement of bugs in the collective ears of my furiends who may have an interest. We have now done 2 trips with multiple furs to nation parks. Scruff E Coyote, Albear, Dexter Fox, Kitty, and I did the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago. We just got back from our camping trip to Chaco Canyon (see yesterday's post). Next year we want to do Yellowstone.

Kitty and I want to do a week in August. This would include a couple of days up and a couple of days back. The plan would be to spend Mon (or possibly Tue)-Fri in the park. While it would super-awesome to get a room at the Old Faithful Lodge, I'll have to see if that's possible with the large number of tours that do the park. Let's just say that it will be at some accommodation in the park. There is also a possibility of spending that Friday (or perhaps the Monday) in someplace like Jackson.

As you can see the plans are tentative, but the core idea is in place. I am jokingly calling this a "con" because there WILL be fursuiting. We'll see if I get arrested for suiting as Quewe and causing a panic. *LOL* I have been saying that it would not necessarily be a bad thing. "Man Arrested in Yellowstone Wearing Bear Suit" would be a hit on the news wires. I am a media whore! (and how!) Actually I would be just as happy to get a pic in front of Old Faithful. That would fulfill a dream of a lifetime.

So if you have ever wanted to see our country's greatest national park, here is an opportunity. Even if you can only afford a day or two, that's also a possibility. More details will follow. I'd like to have a firm itinerary complete with reservations by the end/beginning of the year.