November 2nd, 2009


Why I Won't Get Elected As President

My Halloween post the other day was extremely brief. It really didn't convey the sense of awesomeness of the party we threw. Much thanks to eveyone who showed up to make it such a wonderful event. Some pics were taken. While this pic was taken, someone made the comment, "You realize that with this photo, none of us will EVER get elected as President."

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I also forgot to mention that one group of trick-or-treaters was dressed up as Monty Python's Knights of the Round Table complete with coconuts. They met their match, however, as we all broke out into movie dialogue. We out-geeked them! You could tell that the father put his kids up to it because while he could keep up with us, his poor kids were totally lost.

Oh, and speaking of Trick 'r Treat, Kitty and I watched the movie last night. Someone here on LJ recommended it pretty highly. It was just ok n our books. We could see why it was released direct-to-video and not through theaters. It had high production values and some scary moments (in a comic book kinda way), but it lacked cohesiveness. There was an awesome werewolf transformation scene which made me feel like I do when I climb the rope in gym class. Damn furriness! *grins*