November 9th, 2009


Doggie Dash '09

On Sunday I performed in my 7th Doggie Dash and Dawdle for Animal Humane. Once again it was a great gig although I am really getting tired of Zunipup. I think it's time I upgrade to a better dog. But was a fun time running around and interacting with LOTS and LOTS of dogs. There was relatively little growling/barking at the big goofy humans trying to look like canines. Once again, I was accompanied by scritchwuff in his wolf suit. We were well received by everyone there. Kitty ended up collecting a whole bunch of swag for us which will all go to Mesa. Speaking of Mesa, he also had a fun time once again. Many butts were sniffed. Oh, and yes, my butt was sniffed a lot by the other dogs, much to the amusement of the crowd. Like last year there were constant comments of "Look! It's a dog walking a dog!" as I made my way with Mesa during the fun walk.

This year there were 3 other mascots in attendance; Louie Lobo from UNM, a dog from a grooming/boarding place, and the Magic FM bunny. We saved Louie's butt in that they didn't have a changing area for him so we allowed him to use our changing tent. I think the mascot from the grooming place liked being in a dog suit, but I had to reprimand her in pantomime for taking her head off during the performance. She lol'd.

And now PICS!

Lobo Louie, Creepy Magic FM Bunny, Zuni, Scritch, and of course, Mesa.

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