November 11th, 2009


Veterans' Day

I have been going over and over this post in my head all day. I'm still not sure it will come out right nor get too preachy/ranty. I have very mixed feelings about Veterans' Day. I guess I really am turning into a peacenik. I would love to see a day where there would be no need to "celebrate" this day because there would be no need for a huge military and hence, few veterans. I am not naive enough to think that a country doesn't need some sort of defense force, but how much is too much? I am very wary of a country which is becoming more and more militaristic. It is somehow unpatriotic to question our military actions around the world. Men and women in uniform are becoming supermen and superwomen simply because they choose to serve. Others in this country choose to serve as well in trying to bring peace to the world without the use of the gun and the bomb, but they are totally forgotten.

Something has gone terribly wrong with this country sometime since WWII. In that war we were fighting definite enemies. Ever since then we have been fighting against ideals such as "communism" or "terrorism." How do you fight those with a military? We supposedly hate communism, but China is our trading buddy. We hate terrorism, but we just love that Saudi oil. That's why it pains me to see our military being used for the benefit of capitalism as opposed to freedom. I was totally dismayed to hear our servicemen saying things like, "We're fighting for Iraqi freedom, but they don't want it." The exact same thing was said about Vietnam 40 years ago. It seems so much easier to blindly support the troops as opposed to seriously asking, "What are our country's bravest servants DOING over there?!?" I have been watching a lot of movies lately about the rise of communism and the unions. One thing that made so much sense was a quote saying, "Why should the poor of 2 countries fight for the rich of the 2 countries?" That's exactly right! Why?

I guess I fully support the idea of celebrating the men and women who have chose to defend this great country through military service. I would just prefer that it not be turned into some orgy of patriotism and jingoism where America is only seen as a military might. Our Constitution and Declaration of Independence should outshine the gleam of our bombers and rifles.