November 14th, 2009


MFF Roadtrip-Post 1

So much for making multiple posts from the road. I forgot about that little problem called "no signal." SO this update comes from Boise City, OK. I just finished off a Subway sammich while watching an eastbound loaded coal train heading towards Amarillo.

The trip has been nice so far. I just crossed the 300-mile mark. The weather has been rather nice. It was cloudy and gray in ABQ, drizzling in Santa Fe, and bright sunshine by the time I got to Las Vegas, NM. Traffic has been blissfully very light. I have been cruising along just above the limit although I did open up the Pilot to 100 when I passed a truck on a very straight stretch of road. It made it up there with little effort. So now I will continue on to Dodge City.

MFF Roadtrip-Post 2 - 3 Corners x 2

I think I came across an interesting geographical phenomenon today. Highway 56 passed about a mile from the point where NM, TX, and OK meet. I made a quick detour and found the benchmark that marked the point. There was nothing spectacular about the point outside of the small benchmark. Unlike the famous Four Corners of NM, CO, UT, and AZ (where I fursuited!) which is a unique point, there are over a dozen places where 3 states meet, and a person could stand on that point. Obviously if there is a river that forms a boundary, there can be no such point unless a marker was placed in the river (highly unlikely).

I hopped back on the highway and continued east. Less than an hour later I came to a point that was only a few miles away where OK, CO, and KS all meet. I made another detour and found the point. This one at least had a more elaborate monument placed at the site. I would post a pic, but I don't have my cable (D'OH!) It was then that I realized that I was in 5 different states in the period of less than an hour. I don't think there is any other point in the US where you could do that!

So anyway, I'm safe and sound in Dodge City. The storm is catching up to me so tomorrow may be a bit wet. Oh well.