November 15th, 2009


MFF Roadtrip-Post 3 - Bleh!

Greetings from Salina, KS. Today's weather can be summed up in one word; CRAPPY! Ugh! I am riding along with the advancing weather system that's dumping snow in Denver. I'm at the leading edge of the storm so all I have been getting is a shitload of rain. I still have managed to do a little bit of trainspotting although the backgrounds have been flat and gray. According to the radar there is a bit of clearing ahead, but then I could go back into the soup near Topeka. We'll see.

I should mention that dinner last night was pretty awesome. I found a Thai place right next to the motel that served up some kick ass food. Yes! Great Thai food in Kansas! I plan on having leftovers for lunch after I post this. It was wonderfully spicy that had me in tears. We won't discuss the "ring of fire." ;oP

I also found out why I couldn't get a room in Great Bend. It seems that this is the peak of pheasant season here. There were all sorts of guys in orange with their dogs checking in to the motel.

Eastward ho!

MFF Roadtrip-Post 4 - Safe in Misery

Oh. I'm sorry. I meant Missouri. The rest of the afternoon continued to be rainy and shitty. There were some breaks where I was able to do a little more trainspotting. It's just no fun taking pics in pissing rain. So I'm safe in Cameron for the night. It will be the mad dash to Chicago tomorrow. I had better go check the Weather Service site to see what could be in store for me tomorrow.