November 16th, 2009


MFF Roadtrip-Post 5 - Change of Plans

One of the bad parts about making motel reservations ahead of time is that you get locked into a specific itinerary. It's not all that bad, but if you arrive early you could have perhaps driven another 100 miles or so. Perhaps road conditions suck and a deviation north or south would help out. Well, that's where I'm at this morning. I was looking at the weather radar going, "Fuck!" It looked like another day of shitty weather. But wait! I can do whatever the hell I want! I will be at Chez Madre tonight. I can take any route I want between here and there! I had been so locked into the mindset of taking 36 across MO that I forgot I was right next to an interstate that could whisk me north to Des Moines where I would then pick up 80 to take me right into Chicago! And it looked like there was a lot less rain to the north. Trainspotting in the rain is no fun anyway. Maybe next time. So off I go!

MFF Roadtrip-Post 6 - Safe!

I pulled into my mom's garage just after 3 this afternoon. My strategy to head north paid off as I lost the rain at the MO-IA border and actually saw the Sun for a few seconds east of Des Moines. Traffic was a little heavier and of course it was insane in Chicago. I was doing 70 in a 55 zone and chuckled as I was passed by a state trooper whom nobody was paying attention to. I'm just kicking back now. There is a welcomed new addition to my mom's house. One of the neighbors now has an unsecured wi-fi network! Badda Bing!