November 23rd, 2009


MFF Con Report

This will be just a brief re-cap of the weekend. BTW, I'm typing this in the Furmobile while Kitty drives us around St Louis.

We left the hotel before 7 this morning. We hate long good-byes, and neither of us could sleep after waking up before 6. After being pretty responsible for most of the weekend and not over-doing it on the alky, I let everything go last night and got totally trashed thanks to the Cub Pub. It was a wonderful stress reliever to just forget about everything.

Con suite once again completely owned my soul. About the only time I was not working was during the fursuit parade and Kitty's birthday party at Claim Jumper. As I posted last year it is a labor of love. It's a shitload of work, but you get that feeling of satisfaction when people smile because they have full bellies. 99% of the people appreciate the effort while the 1% are usually the furry tards who have no concept of reality.

I got myself stressed out early on the game when I made my usual assumption that people know what they are doing and since we're all volunteers, I will let folks pretty much manage themselves as long as the job is getting done. Once I realized that, no, Kitty and I are in charge, if I have to play Hitler, I will! If you don't like the way things are being run, you can ask the con chair to put you in charge. If the con chair doesn't like the way we're running things, we can be politely asked not to return. So far we have been getting pats on the back, so we must be running things pretty well.

As I mentioned about the only thing "con related" I did was march in the fursuit parade. I didn't even bring Quewe out because I felt that I wouldn't have enough time to get into and out of suit. I used good old Sabot for the parade dressed in a tutu and carrying a big trout. It was nice to be told that I stood out quite clearly from the 16th floor. The reason for the tutu was that I wanted to be a circus bear and do a little roller skating after the parade. That went over like a lead balloon. Rather than just enjoy the moment everyone was freaking out that I was going to hurt myself. Security kept herding me out of the lobby and off the driveway. Yeah. Yeah. I know. Nobody gets hurt.

Pedobear also made an appearance one evening to pass out free candy. I was totally shocked to hear the entire lobby burst into laughter and applause as I walked in. I think he will make another appearance at FC and pass out candy during the parade.

A couple of shoutouts go to our wonderful con suite staff, Alexanderkat, Quasi, Kamiten, Felina, Nevermint, Kellic, Scritch, Little Blue Colt, Stria, Charles, Chinar, and Hitch. Much love to all of our gophers as well. Thank you to everyone who made Kitty's b-day dinner a huge success as well. Much love to Lanikila for the tasty treats from Canada! Thanks to everyone in the Cub Pub as well for a nice place to party. Ditto to Woody & Co up on 16.

We'll just have to wait and see if I do MFF in '10. I'm still toying with the idea of a NZ trip. I'm also spoiled by having had a complete kitchen. I will never again want to do dishes in a bath tub nor go back to the Band of the Red Paw with sodas chilled in vats of ice water.

I'm sooooo looking forward to FC where I have no staff commitment this year! It will be just party party party!