November 27th, 2009


T-Day Furmeet

Thanksgiving '09 is now in the books. I should apologize to my guests (all 17 of them) because I crashed quite early in the evening as the festivities were still going full swing. After waking up early to let Albear and Dexter Fox into Fur Central, getting the turkey in the oven, preparing most of the sides, and having a fine tequila tasting, I was mentally and physically exhausted by the time that dessert was served. All of the comfy seats were taken by folks watching "Up," "Madagascar 2", and "Kung Fu Panda" so I retreated to the bedroom to chill out with Mesa who was a bit stressed out by the houseful of people. I fell asleep on the bed until pounced by Ari and a few others who were hunting me down. After a brief furpile I went back to the party and socialized for a bit more. It was no use. I was soon back in bed completely oblivious to the world. So I failed at being a good host. Sorry. It was nice, however, to party with our wonderful friends and to provide a tasty meal for them. It was extremely nice to see a post to NM Furry from a fur who had not had a nice "family" Thanksgiving in years, but we provided him with one. That's what it's all about!

So now it's recovery day. We're all just taking it easy. The Christmas tree will be set up and some movies will be watched. Of course we plan on making further dents in the alcohol supply. *grins*