November 29th, 2009


Tying Up Loose Ends

The last of the houseguests left at 4am today. albear and dexter_fox hit the road back to LA and right into a Winter storm. Fortunately it seems to be a very El Nino-like storm and is tracking more southerly. They ran into a little rain and snow, but when I talked with them a few hours ago they were west of Flagstaff and in clear and sunny conditions. We certainly enjoyed their visit although it wasn't completely restful since Al had to deal with cat allergies and homework while Dex had to deal with overindulgence in alky. He and I partied very hardy on Friday which led to the drama I posted about that evening. Things got very ugly here at Fur Central, but thanks to good friends like scritchwuff, deviantvixen, and gavyn_lumier, the situation worked itself out on Saturday. Things are much much better now. There was probably a lot of pent up stress after being away for 2 weeks and then hosting a lot of different guests over the next few days. *shrugs* What was done was done.

I promised some pics from the Thanksgiving adventure, so here they are. First is Turkey Goatse.

This was taken soon after I woke up and I was getting the turkey stuffed.

Soon after that Al and I were sitting around talking about the high-quality tequila he brought for us. One was a bottle I had purchased in Ensenada on our cruise in Aug and the other 2 were gifts from his mom who lives in Mexico. We decided to try them all to see what the difference were. It was pretty interesting to taste the slight differences which were reflected in the prices paid.
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Finally, here is a pic of the "3 Corners Monument" I discovered on the way to MFF. It's literally in the middle of nowhere, accessible by dirt road.
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So today is a somewhat of a do-nothing day. Neglected chores are being taken care of, and we are doing a general de-compression. The weather is nicely crappy so there is little desire to go anywhere although I think I'll take Mesa for walkies to enjoy the Fall/Winter-like weather.