December 3rd, 2009


A New Mexico Bear in Colorado

Attn: Colorado Furs!
Just to let you know that I will be up in the Columbine State beginning this weekend for a training class next week. I thought I would make a little vacation out of it, so I will be leaving here on Saturday even though my class doesn't start until Wednesday. I think I have lodging with either Freefox or Fritzfox (guys?) until Tuesday night when I have my official gov't motel up in Boulder. Since I'm driving I'll also be bringing a fursuit with me, probably Nevada in Xmas motif. So if anyone up there wants to hang out, see a movie, do some guerrilla fursuiting, or have dinner, let me know! I definitely want to hit the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden on Sunday or Monday. I know nevermint already beat me to it, but some suiting on Pearl St in Boulder would also rock. If the weather cooperates I might take a drive as far as Cheyenne to do some trainspotting. I have no real set plans, just ideas. Once again, just let me know if you'd be up for some socializing.