December 7th, 2009


Safe in Colorado

I actually arrived on Saturday, but I have just not had a lot of time to post. The drive up on Sat. was uneventful. It took about 7.5 hours to get to freefox's den in Denver. He then cooked up a tasty dinner for myself and furitz. Many beers were consumed and we ended up staying up until 3a. Of course the next morning it was mighty tough to wake up. It had also snowed during the night, so I had to contend with that. I had to take a slow, leisurely drive up to furitz's place where I would be spending Sunday night. The crappy weather made me just want to hunker down and do nothing. We were content with take-out Chinese and a movie at the Fox Den Theater.

Today I took off on my own to check out the Colorado Railroad Museum. I think the guy behind the desk was shocked to see me. He was about to give me a free admission since the weather was still pretty crappy, but I gladly paid him the admission price as my contribution to the museum. I REALLY took my time reading everything at every exhibit. I had hours to kill, so I just wandered around soaking up all of the great railroad history. I spent a lot of time outside as well since they have a fairly extensive collection of engines and cars. The only problem was that it was about 8 degrees! Yeah, my paws were frozen by the time I was finished. I knew the perfect place to warm up! Just down the road is the Coors Brewery! Whoot! So I took the tour and sampled the beer. This may be a shock to you all, but I actually turned down a free beer! I'm sorry if my image has been forever tarnished, but I actually had to say "no" since I was getting a nice buzz after 2 beers. With snowy/icy roads, I wanted full use of my senses. Responsible Bear is responsible! The brewery is one of the 1st tours I have done in over 15 years since I started brewing myself. Everything made much more sense now! I could also much better appreciate the smell of malted barley and hops. Mmmmmmm.

So now I am hunkered down in my motel room in Boulder relaxing for a bit. Another Winter storm is brewing, but I'm not really concerned. I have Internet. I have t.v. I have magazines (No! Not THOSE types of magazines! *lol*) All I need is some brewski and I can ride out the storm. My training doesn't start until Wed, so I have a whole day to relax. Once again, if any CO furs want to get together for dinner or a movie, just drop me a lion. Of course if the roads are bad, I really don't want to travel far. And Anya, get ahold of me! I have your mom's coffee mug!