December 8th, 2009


The Shinning (sic)

I had the weirdest thoughts last night as I woke up at around 3a. I started getting depressed that I may end up trapped in this motel room today since a storm was blowing in and temps were not going to break the single digits. My first thought was the movie "1408" which I watched with Free and Fritz over the weekend. I had completely forgotten about this movie until I looked it up on IMDB. It was the movie where John Cusack played a skeptical writer who specialized in haunted places. He stays at a hotel, run by Samuel L. Jackson, where dozens of people have died in room 1408. So he spends a night and the evil spirits do a complete and total mindfuck on him. I normally don't like horror films, but this one was pretty darn good. And of course I had to MST3K with the line, "That's it! I have had it with these muthahfucking ghosts in this muthahfucking hotel!"

I then started thinking of an even better flick for my current condition. "The Shining." Heck, the hotel that was used is only about 50 miles away in Estes Park! There's also the famous "fursuit scene" in the movie, and Nevada is sitting just a few feet away in his critter coffin. In the movie, Jack starts drinking a lot. *eyes the bottle of bourbon on the table*

"All work and no play make Sabot something something."
"Go crazy?"
"Thanks! Don't mind if I do!"

Theater Hopping

When I first embarked on this trip north, I had 2 possible plans for today. Plan A would be to drive all around northern CO (and possibly southern WY) in search of good trainspotting locations. Plan B, which would go into effect if the weather was really shitty, would be to head to the movies. Since the weather today was REALLY shitty, I put Plan B into operation. I drove a mile up the road to one of the new megaplexes. I had actually thought about walking, but with blowing snow and temps in the single digits, I decided to make the short drive.

I arrived at the theater for the matinee, and the ticket-seller was shocked to see me. I got my ticket for "The Fantastic Mr Fox" and was informed that I would probably have the theater to myself. Nope. 2 more folks showed up just before it began. I must say that it truly was a fantastic movie. I can't turn off the "furry bias" but I was enthralled by the movie. Once again, it was so "un-Hollywood." I had no idea where it was going. There were wonderful bits of randomness and deeper plot points where I least expected them. When it was over, the 2 other people in the theater actually started clapping. Closet furs? *lol*

Since it was still very early I decided to jump next door to see "Planet 51." I really had no desire to see it as a paying customer, but since it was just beginning, I decided to give it a try. This time I WAS the only person in the theater. It was not bad. For a kids' movie, it was actually pretty good. My favorite line when the alien kids see the astronaut naked; "That's a funny place for your antenna." Yeah. ok.