December 10th, 2009


2 Down 1 To Go

Another day of training has ended. Today I learned some new stuff that I will hopefully be able to put to good use once I return to work. We shall see.

For the past few days I have not been eating dinner. I have had fairly substantial lunches, so I have not felt like eating much, if anything, for dinner. Today I had a fairly light lunch in anticipation of having a somewhat nice dinner. I had read that the local supermarket had a nice gourmet food section. After class I headed over and saw that the reports were indeed true! They had a sushi chef preparing rolls, so I picked up some nice spicy tuna and avocado rolls. They also had a nice antipasto selection, so I made a nice mixture of olives, mozzarella balls, and stuffed grape leaves. I then headed over to a nearby liquor store for a nice bottle of Washington State Riesling. *burp* Ahhhh! What a lovely meal! I am now nicely buzzed with a pleasantly full belly.

There are a lot of good restaurants here in Boulder, but when you're by yourself, it sucks to eat alone. I could go out with some folks from class, but that would have required planning and coordination. No. I am just fine the way I am right now. I'll hopefully hook up with Anya and Locke tomorrow for some socialization. That would be just fine with me. I would much rather enjoy a meal with friends as opposed to being forced into a social situation where I would have to put on a mask.