December 13th, 2009


Back to Life

I drove back from Denver yesterday. It was once again a nice uneventful trip as the snow stayed up in the high country. Today was designated "decompression day" as I get ready for a somewhat busy week. The biggest thing that I had to do today was give Nevada a bath. I did do some guerrilla fursuiting in Boulder on Friday and my foot paws got completely and totally covered in muddy slush. When I walked, the dirty water then splashed up onto my legs. So it was off to the laundromat this morning for a nice cleaning. The paws are still a little grey, but they're a whole lot better than a couple of days ago. I have a gig at work on Wednesday as Santa Bear, so I hope he's all dried, brushed, floofed, and ready to perform by then.

Speaking of the fursuiting outing, here are some pics from the event! anya_silverfur and myself had a great time (as mentioned in Friday's post). I also forgot to mention that we were not the only suiters in Boulder on Friday. While we were enjoying beer at the Mountain Sun Pub, a group of about 6 folks in cheap rental store suits came strolling in. I was extremely happy about this! Even non-furries are getting into the whole "guerrilla fursuiting" thing! It was like an episode of Trigger Happy TV! Unfortunately my camera was out in the vehicle at the time.

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