December 19th, 2009



I had an interesting experience last night. Around 3 am I was awaken by a sound of meowing. Now we have Skookum, but she is an EXTREMELY quiet cat. The only time she meows is when her bowl is empty and she catches us in the kitchen. So why would she be just randomly meowing in the middle of the night? I got up and found her sitting peacefully at the top of the stairs. I then heard the meow again. WTF?!? I finally figured out it must be some sort of bird on the roof. Right after I came to that conclusion there was a loud booming "HOO HOO HOO!" Cool! There was an owl sitting right next to the chimney, its calls booming down the metal flue into the fireplace.

I threw on a sleeper and ran outside. Stupid me forgot the flashlight so all I saw was a lump sitting next to the chimney. I ran back inside and grabbed a couple of powerful flashlights. By the time I got back outside, however, it had flown off. Damn. I know we do have owls in the neighborhood, having seen one up on the mesa. It would have been cool to have gotten a good look at one fairly close up and just sitting there. *shrugs* I did get very nice views of the Big Dipper and Orion which were shining brilliantly overhead at that time of the evening/morning.