December 28th, 2009


A Case of the Mondays

I actually like working the week between Christmas and New Years. There's hardly anybody in the office so if you have work to be done, you can actually do it. When the work is done, there is no one to give you a hard time when you space out. I'm in a "space out" period right now.

A promotion potential closes today. I think this makes about 3 times since I have put in for some sort of promotion. This time it sounds like the position was written for me. We shall see. Perhaps the old adage of "screw up and move up" will play out here. My little reservoir fiasco in May perhaps put the bug in someone's ear that I really need to be taken off reservoir operations. *shrugs* It's fun. It's enjoyable. But if you want to pay me a few thousand more a year to NOT do it, ok. Perhaps I'm just being too cynical. It IS getting close to full moon time. For me, it's literally "that time of the month." I have my own little menstruation period that lasts for about a day about 3-4 days before a full moon. I noticed I was getting all pissy reading LJ this morning. It's best if I not make any comments lest I piss someone off.

I noticed another job today that I should put in for (NOT!). It was a hydrologist position in Gallup, NM working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs. It must be a VERY popular position. It doesn't close until Dec of 2010. I have a feeling they would accept any warm body that would meet the basic criteria.