December 30th, 2009


Congratulations, Terrorists

You have won!

I was reading about all of the restrictions being placed on airlines and have come to the conclusion that the terrorists are achieving exactly what they want. They no longer have to actually kill themselves to achieve their goals. It will be easier to recruit volunteers for jihad since you no longer have to blow yourself up. All you have to do is TRY a terrorist act, and you can cause chaos. You may spend the rest of your life in prison, but you won't have to die. You get out of your shithole country and you get 3 meals a day in a comfy US prison where you can read your Koran all day.

Seriously, I had expected more from this administration than to fall back to the fear mongering of the previous administration. Every security analyst I have heard has said that these measures are just plain stupid. Of course the airlines are probably loving this because they can cut back service even more. The fewer carry-ons the better! That means you have to check more bags at $20 a pop!

I really hope most of the airlines go bankrupt in this country. Either that or I'll hope for that carrier who will come along and charge $100 more a ticket but in exchange you will get actual service and comfort again. I'm just so pissed at how the flying public is being treated. I'm to the point that I would rather take 2-4 extra vacation days and drive to a location in the country. I already did that with my training class in Denver a few weeks ago. A 7-hour drive was more relaxing that a 1-hour plane trip. It also ticked me off that I heard things on the news like, "Oh! I would rather put up with a little more inconvenience for a little more security." *facepaws* Do we need to bring out that quote by Ben Franklin again about trading freedom for security. OK. YOU stand in line for 4 hours and have a full body cavity search so you can feel safe. Me? No thanks.