January 6th, 2010


Throwaway Movies

A few posts back I mentioned something I call "Throwaway Movies." These are films where you can't remember after a year or so if you saw it or not. This is usually due to having an inane plot or it just contains so many Hollywood cliches that it blends in with so many other movies. I experienced that last night. Since "Terminator 4" is now available on dvd, it was added to the Netflix queue. I figured I should also add "T3" to the list since I didn't think I had seen it. Well, I popped it into the dvd player last night. After about 30 minutes things started looking a little familiar. After an hour I finally remembered the ending. Oh yeah. I HAD seen it before. *facepaws* I must have been really drunk or sleepy when I first saw it, it was just that bad of a movie, or a combination of the 2.