January 8th, 2010


In "The Office"

This morning I was having a bullshit session with my supervisor and a co-worker. The topic of having a large vehicle came up since my co-worker has an old skool Ford LTD. He just bought a new house and was worried that it wouldn't fit in the garage. My supervisor commented that his truck wouldn't fit in his garage. The conversation went something as follows:
Supervisor: I just added on to the garage. I needed another 8 inches.
Co-worker (who loves "The Office"): *ROFLMAO!!*
Supervisor: ......
Me: *huge grin*
Oh yeah! It's Friday!

In other news, I may be getting a "promotion." The REAL promotion is still up in the air, but one of the other supervisors will be shifting offices in the next few weeks. My division boss offered me his office. I might finally get my window! Whoot! My office will go to whomever gets the position I put in for. I asked if I would have to move back if I got the job. I teased that since I'm getting a window office I might as well just get the promotion to make things all nice and clean. I hope they go for that!