January 11th, 2010


Never Around When You Need One

I was taking Mesa for his walkies yesterday afternoon. There was a Ford Explorer parked at the top of the mesa right in back of the house. There's nothing unusual about that. People sometimes drive up to enjoy the view (*glances over at project122*). Sometimes people park and walk their dogs. Well, this looked a little suspicious to me. I could have sworn I saw movement in the back. *facepaws* Oh geez. I betcha someone was "getting lucky." Now you should all know that I don't have a problem with sex at all. You cross a line, however, when you're boinking in public in back of my house. I continued on walkies hoping they would take off having seen me walk by. The windows were tinted, BTW, so I couldn't really just casually walk by and glance in. We completed our circle and they were still there 30 minutes later.

I got on the phone and called the cops' non-emergency #. I passed on the information. I then went back up on the mesa to get some lulz for when the cops showed up. I sat there behind some bushes for about 30 minutes waiting for someone to show up. Finally a person gets out of the Explorer's back. Then another person gets out (unfortunately it was a guy and gal so no hot ghey secks). They hop in the front seats and drive away. WTF?!? It was well over 30 minutes since I called. Well, perhaps they were just up there talking. The freshly opened condom wrapper suggested otherwise. I hung out for another 10 minutes before walking back down to the house.

I have really and truly had it with cops. They are completely and totally fucking useless. I have nothing but scorn and disdain for them.