January 17th, 2010


A Day in Venice

Kitty and I are safely at The Domain in LA. We arrived yesterday after a nice easy 7-hour drive from Flagstaff where we had spent Friday night. Of course one of the first orders of business was to get a Murrburger a.k.a. an In-n-Out double-double. We were so full a few hours later that we decided to just hang out with Al and Dex and have a frozen pizza. Much beer was consumed.

Today we had a nice breakfast at a local diner. Al then surprised us by taking us to the offices of Dunder/Mifflin! Now we know where the show is filmed! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera and my phone camera decided to fail at that moment. *shrugs* As a "The Office" junkie, it was neat to see.

We then headed down to Venice Beach where I haven't been in over 6 years. It has special meaning for me since it was a place where Al, Dex, and I went on our weekend together back in 2003. I should have brought a fursuit! *shrugs* Next time! Oh, and there are numerous medical marijuana offices with doctors on-site ready to write you a prescription.

Oh, here is a mural that we saw that definitely falls in the "furry" category.

So now it's chillin' time with some ghetto beer.