January 31st, 2010


Back in the Kitchen

After being away from home for over a week, I was in serious need for some homemade comfort food. This was especially true after hearing a story on NPR about eating right. The key was preparing your own food with fresh ingredients. There are so many chemicals and preservatives in fast food, but I was certainly eating my fair share over the past 2 weeks. I craved something made with my own paws!

It started on Thursday when I decided to make jambalaya. I had leftover sausage in the fridge and shrimp in the freezer. Throw in some chicken, rice, tomatoes, and spices and you have a tasty Cajun dinner!

Last night I made a pot roast with a BBQ flair. What goes good with BBQ? Baked beans! I had been wanting to make baked beans from scratch for the longest time. Since I had a bunch of dried beans in the pantry from the bean soup I made earlier in the month, I decided that now was the time to try it. OMG! They turned out wonderful! The house smelled absolutely incredible with the scent of molasses and brown sugar. I got in such a groove that I then proceeded to make potatoes au gratin from scratch. Why haven't I done this before?!? They were so easy and so tasty!

Tonight I had planned on having some plain leftover ham that I had frozen before I left for FC. I found a nice simple recipe, however, that will transform the ham into a tasty casserole. Yay! It feels so good to be back home. Time to hunker down and nest for a few months.